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Reproductive Services They’re More than Pets. They’re Family.

Veterinary Reproductive Services in Oklahoma City

Helping Bring the Next Generation of Pets into the World

Whether you’re looking to breed and show purebred animals or if you’re simply looking to expand your furry family, Woodlake Animal Hospital can help you. We offer comprehensive Oklahoma City veterinary reproductive services, covering everything from conception to birth. We know that your pets are an extension of your family and deserve the same high-quality care that they receive with their other medical treatments. You can count on Woodlake Animal Hospital to approach your breeding program with the same care and attention to detail that we apply to your pet’s regular medical care.

To schedule a breeding consultation with our veterinary team, please call (405) 251-6266 or contact us online.

Is Breeding Your Pet Right for Them?

Whether you’re breeding your pet for show or if you’re just looking to expand your furry family, Woodlake Animal Hospital will be here for you and your pet every step of the way.

Consider the following questions before you decide to breed your pets:

  • Is your pet healthy and able to carry a litter to term?
  • Can you afford the costs of veterinary care for your pregnant pet and their litter?
  • Could you handle a large little of 10 or 12?
  • Are you able to devote the time necessary to care for a litter until they are old enough to be separated from their mother?
  • Would you be able to find a good home for each of the new puppies or kittens?

Our breeding services are available not just to breeders in Oklahoma City, but also to breeders across the United States.

We offer the following reproductive planning services at Woodlake Animal Hospital:

  • Semen collection, processing, and shipment
  • Semen freezing and secure storage
  • Artificial insemination (vaginal and surgical)
  • Cesarean sections
  • Infertility Evaluation
  • Ovulation timing
  • Ultrasonography

Cesarean Sections at Woodlake Animal Hospital

Most animals can give birth on their own without any medical intervention. However, there are some cases where mothers need help with delivery. Our veterinary reproduction experts in Oklahoma City can help when your pet is experiencing complications with their birth. We do everything that we can to help your pet give birth on their own, but if our medical intervention doesn’t help your pet, we will recommend a Caesarean section, also known as a C-section.

A C-section is a surgical procedure that involves general anesthesia. We will make an incision along your pet’s abdomen and through the uterus to retrieve the unborn puppies or kittens. We can also spay your pet during this procedure if you no longer wish to breed your pet or if there are complications.

Is your pet pregnant or are you trying to get your pet pregnant? We can help! Call (405) 251-6266 or contact us onlinefor an appointment today.

Pawsatively Raving Reviews

  • “This is the best vet ever! Drs Jones and Leak are the best always willing to answer questions and help with furbaby care. The staff rock as well, everyone is always friendly and helpful and treat your babies like their own!”

    - Millie Wagner
  • “The staff here is fantastic! They where booked but when i told them my dogs problem they made room for her. So happy to have found a vet i can trust and is loving to all pets!”

    - Kenneth Thompson
  • “Seriously the best vet clinic, they truly care about your pet and you. They have always been friendly and helpful. Very knowledgeable, and competitive prices. Very clean. Great with all animals. I highly recommend them.”

    - Mickey Loves
  • “I’ve taken my babies here for many years and have ALWAYS received great, compassionate, knowledgeable service and all at a reasonable cost. I’d rather drive across town than take them anywhere else.”

    - Christy Hebree

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