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Veterinary Dental Care in Oklahoma City

Happy, Healthy Pets Have Healthy Smiles

When was the last time your pet visited the dentist? It’s easy to forget that your pet’s mouth and teeth need the same level of care as the rest of their body. At Woodlake Animal Hospital, we offer comprehensive dental care services to keep your pet’s smile happy and healthy.

Dental disease is the most common disease afflicting cats and dogs. Our Oklahoma City veterinary dental care team can help your pet avoid the discomfort of dental disease with regular dental care. Whether your pet needs their teeth cleaned or a tooth pulled, we are here to help.

Don’t let your pet avoid the dentist any longer! Schedule a wellness visit with an oral exam today by calling (405) 251-6266 or by contacting us online.

Understanding Periodontal Disease & Your Pet

Periodontal disease, or dental disease, is a common affliction among cats and dogs. It looks very similar in humans too! An excess build-up of a bacterial film known as plaque causes the disease. Regular brushing can dislodge plaque before it builds up on the teeth. However, most pets can’t brush their own teeth, and many don’t appreciate it when their humans try to do it for them. When the plaque dies, it hardens on the teeth and builds up. Ultimately, that buildup can migrate below the gum line, where it can cause infection of the tissues which hold your pet’s teeth in place. In advanced stages, this can cause pain, inflammation, and even loss of teeth or permanent damage to your pet’s jawbones.

Symptoms of periodontal disease include:

  • Unusually smelly or stinky breath
  • Blood in the saliva or water dish
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Avoiding or difficulty eating

If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet, schedule an oral exam with the Oklahoma City veterinary team at Woodlake Animal Hospital right away. We’ll help you get your pet’s smile healthy again!

Dental Cleaning at Woodlake Animal Hospital

When we examine your pet’s teeth, our Oklahoma City veterinarians may recommend a professional dental cleaning under anesthesia to treat the buildup of plaque in your pet’s mouth. Dental cleaning for pets is treated as a surgical procedure. You can learn more about our surgical practices by asking your vet on your next visit.

Though dental cleaning for pets requires general anesthesia, the procedure actually looks very similar to the cleaning you would receive from your own dentist. We use tools that are similar to those used by human dentists to scale and polish your pet’s teeth, removing all of the plaque present in your pet’s mouth. Once your pet’s teeth are cleaned, we apply an anti-plaque treatment to help deter future buildup. We’ll let you know if we need to extract any infected teeth during this process as well.

Once we send you and your pet home, maintenance is key! Our veterinary dentists in Oklahoma City will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions and tips for keeping your pet’s teeth healthy and clean between dental exams. Your pet deserves a healthy, happy smile!

Questions about dental procedures at Woodlake Animal Hospital? Call (405) 251-6266 or contact us online for help!

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    - Mickey Loves
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